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Extended Submission Deadline: January 26, 2024

Product Award Categories

One winner will be named in each of the following categories, along with one overall Grand Prize Winner:

  • Ease of Customization
    Excelling at interoperability, these offerings allow system designers to add value with customized solutions.

  • Retrofit/Installer-Friendly 
    These products save installation time and secure profit margins.

  • New Revenue Potential
    Savvy integrators are always on the search for ways to add value through new offerings and these solutions open opportunities.  

  • Recurring Revenue Potential 
    These solutions make it easier for integrators to expand their managed services offerings.

  • Trail-Blazing Innovation 
    These recognize bold research and development that ambitiously creates products that will reshape the industry and create new opportunities.

  • Technology Platform
    It’s not necessarily about individual products, but platforms for manufacturers to build off of and push the industry forward.